Sunshine Scoop

The Sunshine kiddos have kicked off Magic Garden’s annual Rosie’s Place Drive. This is our seventh year and we couldn’t be prouder of the amazing work our students and families have accomplished. Great job, everyone! Rosie’s Place, a sanctuary for women coping with homelessness and poverty, is a community staple. The Sunshine Rooms leads Magic Garden in collecting donations of toiletries, non-perishable food and much more. Equally vital are the lessons of empathy and goodwill!

First, the students collected cardboard boxes and distributed them to all the classrooms (LEAP and Lincoln Public Schools have also partnered with us). Next, each group decorated their donation box in numerous manners. Some chose collage and others paint (art content strand). How beautiful! As the generous donations appeared, the children counted and sorted them (mathematics content strand). Later, utilizing the goods, they embarked on an upper and lower case letter hunt (literacy content strand). A great deal of learning and a very worthy cause!

Lately, Social Studies and historical figures have become a curriculum centerpiece. During a playground romp, several students heard an overhead roar and observed airplanes jetting through the sky. So…the Sunshine Class explored the world of pilot and pioneer, Amelia Earhart. Using a globe, the boys and girls identified her famous over-the-ocean flights. Also, they examined photos of biplanes and the legendary ticker-tape parade held in Amelia’s honor. Did you know that she drove a yellow convertible? Did you know that she named her first plane “Friendship”? Our Sunshiners do! Up next? A foray into the work of Jane Goodall. The first female scientist to study chimpanzees may spark a new unit concerning jungles, Africa, and the creatures themselves.

Stay tuned!

Starburst Happenings

All the Starburst friends are focusing on, well, being super friends! They utilized their own super powers to practice several skills. This includes using kind words and gentle hands, as well as listening ears.  These friends certainly are true heroes of Magic Garden!


The boys and girls worked very hard preparing for Magic Garden’s Annual Friendship Feast. The kiddos helped to bake pumpkin pies and delicious loaves of cornbread. Yummy. Next, they crafted their very own placemats. With jazz music playing, all the Pre-K students ventured into the hallway for our traditional feast. Everyone was stuffed and new friendships were made.

Story time is always treasured in the Starburst Classroom. Some favorite selections include: I Can be a Super Friend by Lisa Grant and Rochelle Lentini, How to be a Friend by Lauren Brown and I Will Surprise My Friend by Mo Willems. In addition, the Starburst children created a wonderful friendship tree and took part in a friendship marble painting exercise. What fun!

The Starburst scientists have been hard at work, learning about the world of bats. These creatures are quite fascinating. After devouring numerous non-fiction selections of literature, the pupils concocted their own bats during Choice Time. Later, they even built a small bat cave in the house area. So much awesome learning!

Coming soon: the Starburst girls and boys will be taking a close look at what occurs at Stonehenge in England and Newgrange, Ireland, during the Winter Solstice. Wow!