paddington bear


 … I do hope that butterflies and songbirds are filling you up with the joys of Spring …

The Starlighters have decided to incorporate weekend home visits with Paddington Bear into their “Sharing Treasures Curriculum” and writing about their “Adventures with Paddington.” Each child will have an opportunity to take Paddington from The Darkest Peru, along on innings and outings with his/her family and friends!  Upon returning to school, the new buds may share journal entries, photos and tales of their time together.

On Tuesday afternoons, during Show and Tell, Starlighters are invited to share simple yet special possessions from home; the focus of which is to increase social awareness and encourage participation and discovery in our youngest students.

Looking ahead, Starlight plans to re-visit stories such as: “The Lorax” in honor of Earth Day.


During the warm weather, we often bring “inside” activities outside.  One of the most requested activities by the children is to read books.  We have a “Bucket O Books” as it has been nicknamed which we can carry to any of the outdoor play areas.  The children can then choose their favorite book(s) from the bucket and find a quiet spot on the playground to read individually, with a friend, and/or with a teacher.  Some of our favorite books are:  Charlie Cook’s Favorite Books, The Princess and the Wizard, Big Sarah’s Little Boots, and Night Monkey Day Monkey, to name a few.


The themes of these stories can often be seen incorporated into: dramatic play, the children’s drawings, and in discussions of real life events.  It is a wonderful way for the children to connect with each other and to “take a breather” and recharge, amidst boisterous outdoor play!