Story Time

Starlight Highlights

Our Starlight Program continues to expand and evolve. On Monday afternoons, we’ve added in an official Story Time with our Literacy Specialist, Maria Sacco! Complete with a gathering cloth, interactive characters and items of interest related to the stories we share. In February, snow globes have been a fun addition to our story time props! The children delight in hearing and acting out the stories!   Beginning in March, we will introduce some new characters and stories including “Hector“, “The Wide-Mouth Frog” and “The Singing Chick“!! Something to think about: “Can February March?” … “No, but April May!!”

Twilight Highlights

Science is always popular with the Twilight crowd; we have tried some new experiments and we have revisited some old favorites. Using pipettes, the children experimented with mixing red, blue, and yellow water into a bin of snow.  First the children observed that the colors appeared lighter in the snow, than they did in the container. We talked about what happens to paint when white paint is mixed into another color—ah, now they understood! Soon the children were mixing the colors to create various hues of purple, green, orange, and brown.  They discovered that if they squirted one color into the same space over and over again, two things happened:  the color became darker and the snow began to melt.  This brought about a completely new discussion and series of experiments to learn what else makes snow melt!

Twilight snow painting