Our Afternoon Program has been quite lively this fall and — due to the lovely warm weather thus far — the outdoor fun continues!

While Twilight enjoys running off its late-in-the-day energy at the Old Magic Garden playground, Starlight has fun getting out its wiggles on The Rainbow playground. All of the children have made marvelous discoveries spending so much time outdoors, such as the moon at dusk. We have also engaged in simple activities, such as crafting bird feeders while outside.


Both the older and younger children enjoy bringing the “outside inside” by bringing natural materials indoors and using them with related books, stories, floor puzzles and seasonally themed projects; many of which are displayed on the boards and table just outside the Rainbow and Starburst classrooms. We also created artwork for the Winter Solstice Sing-a-long and Pajama Day.


Starlight is considering adding a “Show and Tell” component to the afternoon, and we would love to hear from parents, about implementing this idea. We also want to thank parents who lent their signatures to improve the lives of Farm Animals, and who continue to donate blankets/towels and food, for delivery to local Animal Shelters. We love teaching the children about compassion and love for all animals!