Both Starlighters and Twilighters have been enjoying Fall themed animal stories such as “For the Love of Autumn” and “Earthquack” and, just yesterday afternoon, our young friends dot painted a large paper turkey.

Paddington, as well, is basking in the joys of the season … for example, while visiting the home of one of our preschoolers, he read “Bloom” — in honor of the Tree we are decorating for the Concord Museum’s Family and Literacy Tree event!!


In the continued spirit of giving and sharing, we have both expanded Paddington’s travels to include friends in additional classrooms and to transition into “Spirited Play”, as mentioned in previous updates — this week, I hope to introduce an interactive telling of the Native American poem “Giving Thanks”.


Once the afternoon rolls around, fun is still the non-stop scene in the Twilight Program! After snacking on delicious fruit and veggies, the children have been up to some major explorations!

Utilizing a foam floor puzzle, the students have been learning about the human body. Topics have included bone names, placement and size (science and math concentrations). This even connects to our Pre-K literacy program Handwriting without Tears!

The Twilight Program has also begun a new venture, Postcard Exchange. When students or family members travel to different locations, they send a postcard to the classroom.  The mail is reviewed and displayed. Later, the pupils utilize various maps and globes to track the treks of our Magic Garden families. Twilight is always ready for take off!

Speaking of travelling, the Twilight Program has been venturing out to our wonderful campus playgrounds. With a cool touch to the air, the boys and girls have been having a blast in the sandboxes, on the slides and with their own bright imaginations.