Starlight book

Starlight Highlights

Greetings Families … As I write on the week-end that Spring appears to have “sprung”, we moved from imagining pink snow and recovering lost mittens, to crafting love bugs and painting knickle-knackle birds. You can visit our exhibit in the Starlight Art Gallery. We have enjoyed participating in music, movement outdoors and embellishing the playground with chalk drawings! Moving along, we will follow the journeys of frogs: “Gem” in Holly Hobbie’s garden, and “Philippe” in Claude Monet’s garden.  Look for our upcoming Art Gallery Exhibit – All About Spring!

Twilight Highlights

One of our favorite outdoor activities is using clipboards with crayons.  Some of our most inspirational drawing places include:  under the climbing structure, on the very top of the climbing structure, over by the sandbox, and a quiet spot along the fence. The children have created nature inspired landscapes, pictures of their friends and teachers. The most popular designs are of maps leading to treasures, grandparents’ homes or vacation destinations, and maps depicting routes to and from school.


The children took a particular interest in maps that keep everyone safe.  These maps identify the locations of volcanoes, they show the paths of incoming asteroids, fault lines that cause earthquakes, and most importantly, they show the path to follow to stay safe!