Sunshine Scoop

The Sunshine Classroom continues to savor the gorgeous autumn season! Kicking off a new Social Studies exploration, the students have begun to learn about the history of local legend, Johnny “Appleseed” Chapman. The boys and girls delighted in the investigation of numerous non-fiction selections during Circle Time. They learned about Johnny’s love of nature, his many planting treks around New England and the “tall tales” people tell about his legacy. Extending this unit, the children baked apple pie and cooked applesauce (math concepts). Later, the class crafted apple prints (artistic expression), explored the anatomy and growth cycle of apples (science) and concocted their own classroom book about Mr. Appleseed (literacy). So much fun and so much learning!

Our enrichment schedule has launched. The pupils enjoyed musical visits from Miss Gail, as well as Spanish fiesta sessions from Senora Elizabeth. Up next: a possible unit on Bats and other birds. Also, based on the interests of the children, an exploration of the life of Amelia Earhart!


Starburst Happenings

The autumn harvest is upon us and the Starburst Class launched the season by travelling to Magic Garden’s plot at the Codman Farm. After a yummy snack, the children observed just how many pumpkins had grown over the summer. There were many varieties, including sugar and Jack-Be-Quick pumpkins. They loaded up their wagons and the rest is history!

The Starburst students utilized their pumpkins, fusing math and science. On one day, the boys and girls experimented whether they would sink or float in a tub of water. On another day, they rolled them down the campus hills, measuring how far they travelled. The pupils even painted a whole-class mural by dipping them in paint and pushing them about. So much fun!


The Starburst friends are loving the new enrichment experiences. This includes yoga with Miss Laura. Each child found his or her own mat and launched into countless poses. They even meditated for a bit. Up next: The Pre-K Friendship Feast in November and explorations of pond water.