The Rainbow Room friends have had their eyes to the sky! During a recent campus stroll, the children observed the jumbo super moon hanging in the sky. They were amazed by this wondrous sight! Of course, this experience was extended in the classroom. The students sang, “Oh Mr. Moon” during Circle Time. Later, they used a variety of materials (cotton balls, paint) to construct a large, three-dimensional super moon for the classroom. Be sure to visit our classroom display.

Continuing to focus on weather, the Rainbow Meteorologists have been observing the current changes on campus. This includes chilly temperatures, bare trees and, of course, our first snowfall. Fusing other content areas, the children have been exploring weather vocabulary (and counting!) in Spanish. Muy bueno! Speaking of Spanish…Senora Elizabeth joined the Rainbow friends for a fiesta. Wearing an authentic Spanish skirt, Senora Elizabeth taught the boys and girls how to Flamenco Dance. They practiced loud claps, stomping and arm movements. They also used scarves to swish about to the beat of the music. So much fun!

Sylvie from the Cotting School has been visiting Rainbow Room every Tuesday. Using her trusty iPad, Sylvie leads whole group sing-a-longs during Circle Time. There are many favorite tunes like: “Wheels on the Bus,” “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star” and “The Itsy Bitsy Spider.” Thanks so much, Sylvie!

Looking ahead, Rainbow Room will be preparing for Magic Garden’s Annual Solstice Celebration!