Rainbow snow pics

During our Read Across America celebration, we explored the art and characters from our favorite Dr. Seuss books. Our Rainbow Room door was transformed into the character- Thing 2 from the “Cat in the Hat!” The children glued red stripes onto tall white cylinder towers to create the legendary hat, from the “Cat in the Hat”.  “The Foot Book” inspired us to trace and paint the children’s feet.  To emulate the pink spots in the snow, from the “Cat in the Hat Comes Back,” the children created a group collage using pink ink pads and foam footprints to produce pink prints across a snowy background.

Rainbow painting

Rainbow Room has been looking to the skies to observe different types of weather, and as always, New England springs are the perfect backdrop for this curriculum unit. We constructed a large 3-D sun, which the children have enjoyed a variety of creative movement activities around. Games and dancing have included “Sally Go Round the Sun,” “You Are My Sunshine,” and “Walking on Sunshine.”

On rainy days we listened to the rain on our roof and windows, and created our own rain sticks. The late snowfall gave us one more opportunity to bring snow indoors for exploration. We also discussed the concept of melting by dropping snow into a small container of water.

Adding to our ongoing theme for this year, “Traditional American Children’s Songs”, we enjoyed singing “If All the Raindrops Were Lemon drops and Gumdrops,” Rain Rain Go Away,” and “Mr. Sun.”

Next month we are looking forward to exploring our beautiful campus in search of signs of spring.