Music from Around the World with Gail Wild

In addition to being an Educator at Magic Garden, Gail is also our Music Specialist. Twice a month, she brings her guitar, visits each classroom and engages the children in a 30-minute musical session.  Children learn musical vocabulary and concepts such as Rhythm, Pitch, Harmony, and Dynamics: including loud and soft or short and long notes. Gail brings to life song books adding dance and hand motions for each.  Children experience genres of music that are culturally diverse from all over the world.  Creative movement games and playing a variety of instruments are a regular part of the fun.  In addition to the joy sharing music itself brings, research states that early musical experiences build neural connections in the brain that help children succeed in reading and math, have better focus, increased control over their bodies, play better with others and have a high self-esteem. Whole School Participation October to June.  

Music with Gail at Magic Garden