The Moonbeam Classroom has turned into a bustling pumpkin patch! Based on the sights, sounds and smells of the autumn season, pumpkins are the centerpiece of this month’s curriculum! To launch this unit, the Moonbeam students embarked on a pumpkin hunt on the playground. What fun! Expanding on this adventure, the boys and girls washed their pumpkins in the sensory table, using sponges and soapy water. Later, the children decorated their pumpkins using a wide array of materials. This includes paint, pompoms, yarn, glitter and googly eyes. Beautiful! To culminate these hands-on experiences, the students ventured into the literacy content area. Each child dictated a creative story to the classroom teachers. In one piece, a pumpkin named Carly, loves to eat purple biscuits! In another story, one pumpkin loves to play cars. So creative! All these stories were compiled, placed into a classroom binder and placed on our bookshelf. Be sure to give this bestseller a read! Looking ahead, the Moonbeam Class will continue to celebrate and explore fall with campus nature walks, leaf hunts and sing-a-longs with autumn themes!