We had fun being scientists experimenting with baking soda and vinegar! We made discoveries involving color changes, chemical reactions and the transformation of state. Each child got a bowl of baking soda and vinegar, and then chose a color to put in the vinegar. They were so excited to watch the baking soda fizz up.  They got to use several different colors so that they could discover how the colors mixed together. The children made lots of wonderful observations such as “It’s melting” “There’s bubbles” “It’s an experiment” “I’m making a volcano” “Mine’s getting fizzy” “I’m having lots of fun”. We will continue our experiments by making a volcano: using  small bottles and some dish soap.

Moonbeam 2

Next, continuing on our learning about nature and growth, we will be planting seeds in our garden and taking a walk to the Codman Farm, to plant in the children’s garden and visit the animals.