We have been celebrating Friendship and Feelings in Moonbeam.  Learning about their own feelings helps children appreciate that other people have feelings too.  Social and emotional development is the foundation of lifelong success in school, work, families and friendships.  It is the foundation to resiliency; that special quality that helps us through all of life’s ups and downs.

The children especially loved making cards for all their friends. They decorated them with crayons, markers, stickers and jewels. Delivering cards to their friend’s mailboxes was a highlight. Supporting children in developing friendships is the focus of the Moonbeam Room.  We are exploring the words for different feelings such as happy, sad, angry, mad, scared, and our favorite, silly.

Moonbeam March Blog Photos 2

We’ve begun a new unit learning about shapes. We will learn about the different names of shapes, how to make them and what they can do. This activity is an important cornerstone to geometry.

As part of our preparations for Moonbeamers graduating to Pre-K, the children love going to visit the Sunshine and Starburst classes to see where the “Big Kids” go.  We are looking forward to a visit to Sunshine for a pancake snack and story time!