The citizens of the Moonbeam Class have spoken! With so much chatter about the election in the air, the boys and girls have been learning about the very important act of voting. During Circle Time, the children have been utilizing colorful charts and nametags to vote for numerous classroom happenings. This includes choices for snack: Saltines or Animal Crackers? Sorry Saltines, you’re out! They also weighed in on their favorite colors. Blue won by a landslide, much to yellows disappointment.

This month, Ms. Jane from Acton Dental Care, visited the Moonbeam Classroom. She read a book about proper brushing (go in circles, don’t forget your tongue and watch out for sugar bugs!). After, the students used a giant toothbrush to clean Denny the Dinosaurs teeth correctly. This lovable, plush creature left Moonbeam with a sparkling smile. Ms. Jane gave each child a goody bag of dental treats. Thanks, Ms. Jane! We always look forward to seeing you and Denny!

The Moonbeam friends have become authors. Focusing on the theme of friendship, the pupils dictated stories about their best buds in the room. One child wrote, “My friend is Emma. I like to play with play dough. I’m making salami. I’m cutting salami. I like to play all the toys with her.” Another wordsmith wrote, “My friend is Devin. He gives hugs and kisses. We play in housekeeping. We take some toys out and spread them on a pizza.” Do stop by our display in the corridor. They are bestsellers!

Up next: the Moonbeam friends look forward to learning some new songs about winter and crafting seasonal projects!