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As a fun way to learn our shapes, our Moonbeam Authors and Illustrators created a class book called “Moonbeam, Moonbeam, What Do You See?” The shapes in our book are created in a very special way…

Kinesthetic activities bring learning to life!  During circle time we made child-sized shapes with tape on the rug. Each child got a turn to place him or herself on the tape so that their body became a side of the shape. Of course we needed several friends to form each shape.  Our kinesthetic activity turned into a wonderful lesson in cooperation and working together. We took photos of the children’s shapes and put them into our class book.

Springtime is ideal for exploring and learning about the natural world around us. Expanding the learning from our classroom, throughout our nature-rich campus, all the way to Pierce Park and Codman Farm, we will learn hands-on about plants and observe how things grow. We’ll investigate the differences between plants and animals and learn about life cycles. Incorporating mathematics into our minds-on curriculum we will practice counting, patterning, and sorting skills along our travels through the spring!