starburts drumlin

Sunshine Scoop

Sunshiners can’t get enough of drawing these days, so following their lead we have engaged  in multiple workshops to explore this passion.  Some popular themes have been,  “When I Grow Up, I’m going to be… “and “My Favorite Thing to Eat.”  The Sunshine drawings have certainly been expressive and creative.

The Sunshine book lovers chose a new author to investigate:  Ludwig Bemelmans.  Known for his very popular “Madeline”series, Bemelmans has become an ultimate classroom favorite.  The students have enjoyed selections that include, “Madeline and the Bad Hat” and ”Madeline’s Rescue”.

On the art scene we have discovered the wonders of acrylic paints!  We will contine to explore this medium in the on going school year.  Such imaginative art has evolved!

Starburst Happenings

The Starburst class had an absolutely glorious time visiting Drumlin Farm! On the way to the farm, we saw a fire truck, police car, and a motorcycle (all at different times) which made our walk quite exciting.  Once at the farm we visited the chickens, bunnies, growing piglets, cows, Midnight the pony, sheep, and goats.  We then took a fun hay ride around the farm before heading off to “Bird Hill” to see owls, hawks, turkey vultures, and other birds of prey. Soon it was time for our picnic lunch up on a hill near some more sheep and lambs.   It was then time to head back to Magic Garden.  Along the way, the children talked about what they saw at the farm.  They also noticed of the flowers and other foliage that grew along sidewalk and in front of houses.  There was not a single complaint of anyone being tired as we walked (Starburst kids ROCK!), but almost everyone slept at naptime that day!

We are looking forward to the start of our DeCordova Museum art curriculum, check back in next month to hear all about it!