Sunshine Scoop

The Sunshine class has been enjoying the metamorphosis of caterpillars into Painted Lady butterflies. We started with very tiny capterpillars and watched them complete each stage of the growth cycle. Our little entomologists all went outside at the end and released our winged creatures. It was a truly amazing process from start to finish. Also, our Sunshine artists created their own painted butterflies with liqud watercolors and tempra paint!

Our art classes at deCordova Museum and Sculpture Park continue to be big hit and awe inspiring. Walking around the gorgeous park has been a catalyst for us to produce our own art, based on some of the sculptures we have seen there. In one instance we duplicated iron circles rolling down a hill.  This led to all kinds of experimentation about the force of gravity.

The Magic Garden communtiy participated in a great year end celebration for all and send off for the soon to be “graduates”. Sunshiners enjoyed “bouncy houses”, water play, chalk drawing, bike riding and a slew of other amusements.

As the summer fast approaches we will be spending the days outside and have many great activities planned. We will have our own Olympics, as well as specific themed days such as “backward clothing day”, every day will be an adventure!

Starburst Happenings

As mentioned in May’s Blog entry, we were looking forward to our deCordova Art Experiences.  We have had two visits to the deCordova Sculpture Park as part of our art investigations. The children created a sketchbook based on their observations of the Sculpture Park on their first visit.  On the following visit, the children created music on Paul Matisse’s “the Musical Fence”. Upon returning to Magic Garden, each child made a clay pot bell, which they can use to create their own music. On our third visit, the children will have the opportunity to explore DeWitt Godfrey’s “Lincoln” cylinder sculpture before returning to Magic Garden to further investigate cylinders and then paint a cylinder that will become a part of a much larger community sculpture. Our last visit to deCordova will be the last Thursday in June and the children will have the opportunity to explore Sol LeWitt’s concrete structure “Tower(DC)”, as well as Ursula von Rydingsvard’s cedar sculpture “ence pence”. The children will have the opportunity to explore blocks and other building materials both before and after our walk to deCordova, and then be given glue and pieces of wood to create their own unique sculpture or structure to bring home.

This will be our last blog for the summer season;  we wish everyone a healthy, happy summer.  Enjoy!