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The Moonbeam Classroom has gone prehistoric! Thunderous stomping and screeches can be heard throughout the halls of Magic Garden! Recently, the Moonbeam super kids launched a new unit of discovery on dinosaurs! Inspired by selections of literature and hands-on manipulatives, the children continue to learn about creatures like the triceratops, the brontosaurus and the T-Rex. Visit the Dramatic Play area and you will find a massive dinosaur egg nest! Complete with grass (shredded paper) and hanging vines (crepe paper), the students love pretending to be baby dinos, roars and all! Head over to the sensory table and you will find many multi-colored dinosaur eggs. The children love counting them, hatching them and comparing them! Circle Time has been packed with an array of dinosaur-themed songs. We are sure you’ve heard a few at home.

In conjunction with dinosaurs, the Moonbeam kiddos have been exploring volcanoes. Using vinegar and baking soda, they erupted their own classroom volcano. How fun! Also, they painted lava rocks. By mixing numerous shades of paint they created a “fire color” for the project. One student exclaimed, “It’s changing color!” Another said, “That is a biiiig fire!” On boy said, “I think there’s a magic crack in the volcano.” Magic, indeed!

Coming up next: Rhyming and phonetics, as well as continued work on our letter wall. We are on letter P!

Rain, rain! Go away! The Rainbow friends have made many observations about the latest weather trends. Amid soaking downpours, puddles and muddy playgrounds, the girls and boys continue with their theme of “Looking Outside My Window.” In fact, they don’t even have to look. Throughout the day, numerous students will exclaim, “Listen to the rain!” One child may ask a friend, “Can you hear that?” As precipitation pounds down on Magic Garden’s roof, the students’ curiosity is certainly in full gear. To extend this interest, the pupils each helped to paint an actual umbrella for our newest bulletin board, titled, “Spring Showers Bring May Flowers.” Infusing more three-dimensional art ventures, the Rainbow kiddos crafted large raindrops, using paint and wads of bubble wrap. These are now displayed in our year-round, classroom window scene. Do stop by and give them a peek! Drier days are ahead, Rainbow friends!

Phoebe’s dad, Mr. John, visited Magic Garden and treated the entire school to a drumming jam session. Our Rainbow Class moved and grooved to all genres of music. This includes disco, blues and rock and roll! Each child even had the opportunity to bang on the drums, playing their own tune. Wow! Thanks, Mr. John!

Coming up: More Pre-K Classroom collaborations and planting!


Make easy and fun bubble paintings at home

Adults and children will enjoy blowing bubbles. Bubble paintings are fun for everyone and require few ingredients.


Dish soap

Tempura paint

A few drops of water

Paper (Watercolor is preferred)

Water, Paint, Soap

Step 1: Mix all of the ingredients.

Add just enough water so the mixture is thin enough to blow bubble

Bubble mixture

Step 2: Blow bubbles.


Step 3: Press paper against the bubbles.

It makes a really cool pattern. Try multiple colors to get a neat result.

Bubble picture