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Sunshine Scoop

The Sunshine Class recently kicked off NEA’s Read Across America Program! To begin, the boys and girls celebrated Dr. Seuss’ birthday with a very special visit from none other than…THE CAT IN THE HAT! Dressed in his trademark hat, this feisty feline read the classic Foot Book to our students. Thankfully, he didn’t cause any mischief in the classroom. Phew! The students then painted a beautiful mural. Instead of brushes, they used…their bare feet! Do check out our gorgeous art display in the Dramatic Play area. This week, the pupils will be exploring the timely book, The Lorax. This masterpiece touches on themes of environmental respect and preservation. During Choice Time, the children will have the opportunity to craft their own mixed media, three-dimensional Truffula trees. Very cool!

As part of Read Across America, the Sunshine Class welcomes Guest Readers into the classroom. Parents, grandparents, administrators and community members continue to visit and share their favorite selections of literature. Coming up: More small group creative writing workshops and adventures in graphing!

Starburst Happenings

The Starburst Classroom has been moving and grooving throughout their days at Magic Garden! Recently, the girls and boys have embarked on a variety of movement opportunities. If you walk in and a dance party is in full swing, don’t be surprised. Just join us! Some favorite tunes from recent weeks are “Happy” by Pharell, “Can’t Stop the Feeling” by Justin Timberlake and the “Stand Up, Sit Down” song! Move it, Starburst friends!

The children have been learning to cool down and chill too. Pairing literature with this current interest, the pupils have been responding to books that center on relaxation, stress reduction and self-confidence. A current favorite is A Boy and a Bear by Lori Lite.


Lately, the Starburst Scientists have been looking very closely at the properties of magnetism. The students continue to enjoy digging their magic magnetic wands in the sand table and collecting iron shavings. Also, the kiddos embarked on a magnet hunt, locating numerous different objects that illustrate a magnetic pull. Great job, girls and guys!

Up next: The Starburst friends will delve into the topic of the human body, nutrition and health!



The Moonbeam Class has taken flight with new discoveries in nature!

Fusing technology and science, the Moonbeam kiddos have been watching a live action camera of an eagle’s nest on our classroom computer. Two parent eagles have been keeping a handful of eggs warm for many days. Just recently, they hatched! Our students could not contain their wonder and excitement. Many children made observations and posed scientific questions. One boy said, “The babies are like a duck. It’s got feathers on its back.” Another child observed, “I think that eagle is the mama. Maybe the dada went to go get food.” One girl asked, “What’s the big eagle doing? Feeding the babies? And what’s that red stuff?” So much fantastic learning!

The Moonbeam students are celebrating Read Across America and the magical books of Dr. Seuss. First, they read the classic Green Eggs and Ham. Later, our boys and girls experimented with color mixing and made their own green paint! Also, the class read Ten Apples Up on Top. They took part in a mathematics activity and then…they bobbed for apples!

The Rainbow Room is springing ahead with a nod to Magic Garden’s Magical Mindfulness Curriculum. Currently, the girls and boys are exploring the topic of emotions. Vast arrays of learning tools are being implemented, such as finger plays, handheld mirrors and numerous literature experiences. Incorporating Senora Elizabeth’s Spanish lessons, the children continue to learn new vocabulary terms. This includes triste (sad), contento (happy) and asi asi (so so, in the middle). Identifying emotions during play is a vital goal in the wonderful world of toddlers! Every day in Rainbow Room is muy contento!


Our cross-classroom collaborations have been tremendously fun! Recently, the Rainbow students completed a terrific mural with the Pre-K Starburst Class. Utilizing numerous shades of paint and cookie cutters, the pupils went to work, creating a masterpiece. Do visit our display in the classroom! In addition, the Rainbow friends stopped by the Pre-K Sunshine Classroom and delved into the Dramatic Play area. Dressing up was all the rage. The children became bumblebees, princesses and cowboy butterflies. So much fun!

Coming up: Observations of our campus in bloom!