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Rain, rain! Go away! The Rainbow friends have made many observations about the latest weather trends. Amid soaking downpours, puddles and muddy playgrounds, the girls and boys continue with their theme of “Looking Outside My Window.” In fact, they don’t even have to look. Throughout the day, numerous students will exclaim, “Listen to the rain!” One child may ask a friend, “Can you hear that?” As precipitation pounds down on Magic Garden’s roof, the students’ curiosity is certainly in full gear. To extend this interest, the pupils each helped to paint an actual umbrella for our newest bulletin board, titled, “Spring Showers Bring May Flowers.” Infusing more three-dimensional art ventures, the Rainbow kiddos crafted large raindrops, using paint and wads of bubble wrap. These are now displayed in our year-round, classroom window scene. Do stop by and give them a peek! Drier days are ahead, Rainbow friends!

Phoebe’s dad, Mr. John, visited Magic Garden and treated the entire school to a drumming jam session. Our Rainbow Class moved and grooved to all genres of music. This includes disco, blues and rock and roll! Each child even had the opportunity to bang on the drums, playing their own tune. Wow! Thanks, Mr. John!

Coming up: More Pre-K Classroom collaborations and planting!


Make easy and fun bubble paintings at home

Adults and children will enjoy blowing bubbles. Bubble paintings are fun for everyone and require few ingredients.


Dish soap

Tempura paint

A few drops of water

Paper (Watercolor is preferred)

Water, Paint, Soap

Step 1: Mix all of the ingredients.

Add just enough water so the mixture is thin enough to blow bubble

Bubble mixture

Step 2: Blow bubbles.


Step 3: Press paper against the bubbles.

It makes a really cool pattern. Try multiple colors to get a neat result.

Bubble picture


At pick up time, you may hear the Starlight children singing, and grooving to a classroom favorite, “Them Bones!” This catchy tune is just part of our current focus: The human body! Exploring spatial awareness, the students continue to enjoy gross-motor game such as “Hokey Pokey” and “Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes.” Also, exploring identification and labeling, the boys and girls continually request our human body version of “Freeze Dancing.” When the music stops, a leader calls out a body part and the kiddos must place their elbow, arm, neck or…whatever, on a yoga dot! The children even examined pictures of human skeletons. One boy said, “The bones are inside your body.” Another claimed, “Bones are hard.” One girl said, “The food breaks and goes to different part of your skin.” How neat! Our cross-classroom collaborations continue! Whether it’s meeting up for outside time or hanging in the hallway, Starlight truly enjoys mixing with Twilight. The more the merrier!  Coming in April: We hope to be observing signs of spring. Hooray!


Our afternoon friends have just kicked off a new adventure: “The Twilight Book Club.” Children are encouraged to choose their favorite books from home and share them during special, cozy story times. This experience provides youngsters with a sense of pride and confidence! After, students engage in whole-group discussions, concerning theme, characterization and why this book is so special to them! Some recent favorites are, The Day the Crayons Quit by Drew Daywalt and Knuffle Bunny: A Cautionary Tale by Mo Willems.

In Science news, the Twilight kiddos have entered a world of color! Using milk, food coloring and dish soap, our students watched as different colors magically swirled around paper plates (all by themselves!). How could this happen? Well, the fat and protein molecules in the milk are altered by the soap. This causes them to roll around. Wow! Later, the pupils constructed a walking rainbow. How? Pretty simple! They utilized red, yellow and blue water and some paper towels. Very cool!  Coming up: Seeds, planting and fun outdoors!  TW4