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Henry Van Dyke once wrote, “A friend is what the heart needs all the time.” Our Moonbeam students certainly know this to be true! Focusing on friendship, the girls and boys continue to learn about one another. They enjoy cooperative songs, including “The More We Get Together,” “Row, Row Your Boat” and “We Are All a Family.” During Choice Time, the pupils also constructed a friendship wreath. They partnered up, painted each other’s hands and glued the prints in a circular rainbow. Take a peek at their creation on the classroom door! Friendship and fun can always be found in the Moonbeam Classroom!

When a friend is in need, the Rainbow children are always eager to help! The Sunshine Class needed a playhouse for a super fun project and Rainbow came to the rescue. First, the children helped Ms. Melyssa and Ms. Sheryl take the structure apart. Construction was bustling as the girls and boys explored toy hammers, screwdrivers and saws. Later, using their muscles, they helped transport the playhouse in numerous stages. After a few days, the students visited the Sunshine Class to see the newly installed tree house. Stay tuned! This cross-classroom collaboration is just getting revved up!


Bah! Oink! Neigh!

The afternoon Starlight kiddos have been having a blast exploring farms! Using a large cardboard box (the best toy for a preschooler!), the students helped Ms. Alia decorate a large red barn. Expanding on this experience, the children introduced many toy animals of various sizes. Fun! Later, the children learned about cows and udders. Using a latex glove filled with liquid, the girls and boys each practiced “milking” the udders. Of course, no barnyard fun wouldn’t be complete with a few rounds of “The Chicken Dance!”


Grrrrr…. Watch out and beware!

The Twilight children rejoice when it’s story time in the afternoon. A current request is the classic, Going on a Bear Hunt by Michael Rosen. Always up for movement and dramatic play, the girls and boys enjoyed acting out the central events in the story/song. They tiptoed through gloomy caves and trudged through thick, oozy mud! Expanding on this wonderful experience, the students later used plastic forks and brown paint to construct their own bear claw crafts. Very cool!