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Can you hear the beat?

Music is always a staple in the Rainbow Room! “The Ants Go Marching” is a timeless classic and current favorite in the classroom. Singing along and parading about has prompted the children to snatch up some instruments and create their own rhythm. During Circle Time, the students took part in a joyous drum circle. Expanding this interest, the Rainbow friends then crafted their own percussion pieces, using takeout containers, as well as buckets of vibrant paint. The girls and boys even experimented with beats, drumming on the tire obstacle course on the top playground. Bang, bang! Check out all the fun in full color!


Buzz, buzz, and buzz. The Starlight program has gone absolutely buggy! With the arrival of summer, our afternoon kiddos have been observing many sights: Mainly the creepy, crawly critters that inch around our campus! After releasing each classroom’s painted lady butterflies, our students maintained their interest in bugs. Several girls and boys spotted ladybugs during a recent playground visit. This spawned numerous outdoor ventures including math games (counting all the dots), literacy experiences (The Very Grouchy Ladybug by Eric Carle) and gross-motor activities (ladybug chase derbies). Lots of fun! Also, the children have been carefully hunting for any trace of earthworms. Using magnifying glasses, creature catchers and insect houses, the pupils continue to investigate these slithery fellows. They’ve learned so many facts, including…

  • Earthworms actually breathe through their skin
  • They have no ears and no eyes
  • Worms love to dine on leaves
  • Earthworm tunnels help to irrigate soil
  • Some earthworms have up to five hearts!

As temperatures soar, the Starlight group continues to engage in whole-school water play events. Magic Garden’s shaded play areas are equipped with numerous sprinklers, water buckets, super soakers and tons of sea creatures. The Starlight crew loves frolicking with friends while beating the heat!  Coming up: Summer fun with Independence Day crafts and more group games!


For the Twilight kiddos, summer is a signal for all thing related to the ocean! Our weekly storytime with Ms. Maria has adopted a new theme: The Great Sea! Our boys and girls have enjoyed many new selections of literature, including Alistair Underwater by Matthew Sadler, Mister Seahorse by Eric Carle and You’re a Crab: A moody Day Book by Jenny Whitehead. The pupils also continue to take part in our “Sharing a Treasure” meeting times each Wednesday afternoon. Our kiddos truly showcase excitement and enthusiasm for the prized possessions they bring to school. One child shared lava rocks from Hawaii! Another passed around artifacts from the Grand Canyon. One student presented us with a collection of magnets. Very cool!


In other Twilight news, chemical reactions remain to be a current trend. Pairing vinegar and baking soda is a Pre-K miracle! Recently, the Twilight gang utilized this concoction to inflate a balloon. Pop! Also, the children discovered that lemon juice could be used as a substitute for vinegar. Who Knew!? The students continue to suggest more pantry items to experiment with. Flour! Salt! Food coloring! Stay tuned!   Coming up: Summer fun filled with building more giant sculptures and afternoon playground hops!


Sunshine Scoop  

The Sunshine Class is certainly enjoying all the sunshine out there! Our little Picassos helped launch the annual ,Magic Garden Pre-K deCordova Art Program! The girls and boys enjoyed visiting the sculpture park and exploring many mixed media installations. They jammed away at the musical pipes display and delighted in the optical illusion piece, “Crazy Spheroid.” Our crew returned to Magic Garden and created a collaborative mural inspired by the sculpture park. Using various materials, the children included their favorite “Two Big Black Hearts” display, as well as the numerous fountains and waterfalls found at the park. Very cool!

Our students celebrated the 2016-2017 year with a rockin’ luau-themed party! Sunshine families joined us for a delicious breakfast that included bagels, fruit skewers and other assorted treats. Yum! The children even crafted grass skirts and butterfly masks for this special occasion. After, the Sunshine Class joined the entire Magic Garden community for fun and games outdoors. Many thanks to all the volunteers that helped to make this event such a success! Coming up: Summer filled with field trips, art, swim lessons and lots of water play!

Starburst Happenings

The Starburst friends know a thing or two about masterpieces. Recently, the boys and girls kicked off Magic Garden’s annual Pre-K deCordova art program! Armed with sketchbooks and water bottles, our students trekked across campus to the modern art museum and park. They took their time exploring almost 15 full-scale sculptures! Artist Jim Dines’ “Two Big Black Hearts” was an immense hit. The children also enjoyed the giant, steel tube installation, “Lincoln” by DeWitt Henry. Later, our students found a shady spot and began to sketch away. Some drew their own versions of the art structures, while others recorded the scenes of nature around them. Very cool! The Starburst pupils look forward to returning for another adventure in art. Find more information about the deCordova Museum at


The Starburst Class continues to take advantage of the glorious summer weather by transplanting the indoor curriculum to the outdoor setting. This includes nature-inspired art ventures, gross-motor memory games and counting and classifying activities with found objects! Based on the current interests of the children, the possibilities seem boundless. Stay tuned!

What’s next? Summer “Camp Themes” such as: sea, space and super heroes!