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The forecast in the Moonbeam Classroom calls for a blizzard of energized, educational fun! Currently, the students continue to explore the wonders of winter. Our Dramatic Play area has undergone quite a transformation! Utilizing giant sheets of Mylar and adhesive, an ice rink has been created. Our girls and boys love to ditch their shoes and hop on the ice, gliding, twirling and racing about. In addition, during Choice Time, the Moonbeam kiddos had the opportunity to learn more about ice. They enjoyed frozen paint ventures, igloo building (with actual ice cubes!) and creating cotton storm scenes. Check out the amazing curriculum!


Miss Debbie, from the Lincoln Public Library, always brings the Sunshine children special books. A current favorite has been That Neighbor Kid by Daniel Miyares. In this charming tale (with no text!), two characters meet, become, friends and build a treehouse together. During Circle Time, the girls and boys all shared their own personal stories and thoughts related to the book. So, the Sunshine pupils decided to create their own classroom treehouse! They borrowed a “neighbor’s” playhouse (Rainbow Room!) and set to work, crafting numerous plans. The students painted paper towel tubes to resemble tree branches. They used tools to “fix” and “build” the treehouse. The kiddos even covered the structure in paper and painted it blue (to mirror Miyares’ book!). As always, the Sunshine Class loves hands-on imaginary play!



Sirens are screeching and lights are flashing in the Starburst Classroom! Pre-K’s latest unit of exploration is community helpers. This, of course, includes the vital role of local firefighters. During Circle Time, the students have been enjoying various fiction and nonfiction selections, as well as a hit list of fun songs. The girls and boys each crafted fire hats, using paper plates and red paint. Later, our students each created multimedia firefighter portraits. See our wonderful display in the hallway!


Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow! The Starlight kiddos have been exploring the current weather conditions on campus: snow, ice and frosty temperatures! The latest snowfall prompted several exciting art activities. Our children created their own snow scene, using glue and a hefty sprinkling of silver glitter. Later, each student traced their hand and crafted cozy, construction paper mittens. Finally, the Starlight friends made their own snowflakes that can be found decorating the hallway bulletin board. Take a look!



There may be a biting chill in the air, but that doesn’t stop the Twilight children from exploring Magic Garden’s beautiful campus. Clad in boots, snow suits, hats and mittens, the children always enjoy outdoor gross-motor experiences. Recently, the girls and boys trudged through nearby wooded paths to take part in a monthly check in on our jack-o-lantern. After the festivities of October, the Twilighters left the pumpkin for forest creatures to munch on. The students, though, frequently request trips to witness the progress of decay. Their comments and observations continue to be recorded in a whole-class journal. Very cool, on-the-spot learning!