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Every afternoon is a snow party! The Starlight children continue to enjoy hands-on activities that center on the frosty season of winter. Zooming down the campus hills and romping around snow mountains is, of course, always a favorite! When it’s too cold to venture outside, the girls and boys have enjoyed painting trays of snow, crafting fingerprint winter scenes and decorating snowflakes (please see our display!).



Tweet, tweet! Chirp, chirp! Our Twilight students have made numerous observations about the feathered creatures fluttering around campus. This launched a new, mini unit concerning winter birds! Ms. Sue and Ms. Maria escorted the children on an afternoon nature walk, searching for tracks and nests embedded in the forest trees. Later, utilizing various non-fiction selections, our kiddos learned many facts about Cardinals, Blue jays and Chickadees. During a whole-group craft session, the girls and boys created pine cone feeders with soy butter and seeds. Our Twilight friends can often be found observing winter birds as they feast away just outside the classroom window!


The Rainbow Room has recently delved into all things “icky sticky” and “ooey gooey.” Sensory buckets are the newest classroom favorite. Whether placed on tabletops or the floor, the children delight in plunging their hands (and sometimes, their entire bodies!) into some sort of substance. This includes cotton puffs, shaving cream, and flour/water mixtures. One day, the students enjoyed counting math sticks in a bucket of snow. On another day, they had a blast, exploring volume with water, as well as sand! The Rainbow Room is all about messy, hands-on learning experiences. Check it out!


The Sunshine orchestra is tuning up! Music can be heard throughout the day in our classroom. This sparked a new unit of exploration: classical music! The girls and boys began to show interest in the Boston Symphony Orchestra, requesting performances that included “The Nutcracker” and the score from “Star Wars.” During Choice Time, the students each crafted paper towel flutes, learning about wind instruments. Later, they crafted cereal box violins used for wonderful performances in the Dramatic Play area (we even constructed our own box office!). To truly bring this learning to life, the Sunshine children were treated to in-class demonstrations from a former student (a violinist) and a parent (an accordion player!). The sound of learning can always be heard in the Sunshine Class!

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When Magic Garden’s campus becomes covered in a blanket of snow, the Starburst friends are always eager to clomp outside for learning adventures! Our girls and boys continue to focus on self-help skills by readying themselves with snowsuits, boots, hats and gloves. The children love to buddy up and cruise down the various slopes, using sleds or simply their bottoms. The creation of a new snowman/snowwoman is always an option! Practicing math skills (big, medium, small), the Starburst kiddos continue to build snow people that greet our MG families everyday! Check out the fun!