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The Starlight friends always enjoy cozy story times! A current favorite is The Little Red Mouse and the Red Ripe Strawberry by Don and Audrey Wood. The children can’t hear this book enough! Capitalizing on this interest, the girls and boys crafted their own strawberries, painted a jumbo bear and created mouse ear headbands. Very cute! Using these props, the kiddos continue to act out the story. They even chose to share strawberries during our afternoon snack!

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The Twilight students love exploring the wide array of literature on our classroom bookshelf. This includes issues of the magazine “Ranger Rick.” A recent article focused on the habits of beavers. The children, of course, wanted to learn more! First, they embarked on a campus wide scavenger hunt, searching for beaver lodges. In addition, the children also collected their own sticks and other supplies to create their very own beaver dams. How cool! Lastly, they put on their chef hats and cooked up some edible beaver lodges, using Chinese noodles and milk chocolate. What a delicious (and informative) snack!


The Sunshine kids are known to get pretty corny!

As the local season of harvest comes to a close, our girls and boys enjoyed one last feast of corn on the cob. First, the children all took turns shucking the ears. In this, they learned about this vegetables anatomy, including the husk, the silk and the kernels. Later, our Sunshiners used ears to roller paint with autumnal colors. This was a bit messy, but super fun. Lastly, for morning snack, the students all chomped away on mini cobs of corn. Yum!

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The official Magic Garden vegetable and flower plots have been harvested and readied for autumn. The Starburst students, though, have made a rather keen observation: our sunflowers are still thriving remarkably! During trips to the playground, the girls and boys admire the towering golden blooms. This sparked yet another educational adventure. After snapping countless photos, each pupil took part in a painting workshop with Ms. Aislinn. The results are magnificent! Incorporating STEM exploration, the children dissected flower heads, examining the plants anatomy and counting the seeds. Take a peek at all the adventures!

“Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall. Humpty Dumpty had a great fall…”

The Moonbeam kiddos have kicked off a new unit of exploration: nursery rhymes! Fusing all areas of learning, the children have particularly enjoyed the timeless treasure, “Humpty Dumpty.” During Circle Time, the girls and boys were treated to a lively felt board re-telling with Ms. Alia. Building on this experience, the children later built their own wall using cardboard brick blocks and acted out the key events. Very cool! The children also crafted their own little clumsy, cracked-up fellows, as well as a bulletin board wall. Check out all the fun!